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CoreRAD is an extensible and observable IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol router advertisement daemon, released under the Apache 2.0 License.

CoreRAD has reached v1.x.x and is considered stable and ready for production use on Linux routers.

You can find the source code at The latest release can be found on the releases page in the repository.

CoreRAD Grafana + Prometheus dashboard


CoreRAD is a modern IPv6 NDP router advertisement daemon, written in Go.

Some of the project’s key features include:

  • support for Prometheus metrics for dashboards and alerting
  • monitoring of upstream (WAN-facing) router advertisements to determine if and when an IPv6 default route will expire
  • monitoring of downstream (LAN-facing) router advertisements to ensure they do not conflict with CoreRAD’s own configuration
  • flexible configuration which can be tailored for each advertising network interface

Future goals include:

  • dynamic router advertisement configuration via HTTP and/or gRPC APIs
  • an HTTP API to export network configuration information
  • better support for *BSD and other platforms (these mostly work today, with some caveats)


CoreRAD is deployed and running in production environments. Users are welcome to join us on:

For more information, you can also check out: